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Family Office


As a service provider for family offices, the interest of the owners and their families are our number one priority. In order to secure a sound management of their assets, it is based on a profound analysis including expertise, allocation, controlling and support in all wealth-related fields such as equities, bonds, commodities, precious and seldom metals, real assets (agricultural land, farms, forests) and real estate. All investments are permanently accompanied and continuously readjusted.

The strategic asset planning is based on a family-specific perspective bridging more than one generation, while all investment decisions are based on transparency and an overview of the overall situation. By optimising asset allocation, manager selection and cost structure, a surplus value is generated for the client. Supervising these processes is the core of our daily activity.

Moreover, we assist as coordinator and advisor in unusual questions, creating an open dialogue with our clients. While holding responsibility for their assets, we have the goal to enable our clients to lead a carefree and secure life.